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husband didn’t love her and just used her as a slave. He couldn’tlove her because she wasn’t Shug. She didn’t find love from the men in her life,only the women. Shug loved her because she liked what Celie was all about. Shug made her feel alive again, like she once did when Nettie was in her life. Celie ended up leaving her husband and she was happy. She no longer was beingtreated that way anymore. Nettie constantly wrote her letters telling her how muchshe loved her. After many years Nettie came home to Celie. Celie wasoverwhelmed with happiness and the two of them fell weak while holding eachother. Some people can show love and some cannot. There is a feeling deep insidethat emerges when someone makes one feel loved and wanted. Some people can’tshow love because that

is just who they are. Some are cruel and cold hearted andtreat others badly just because they couldn’t get what they wanted. They take thatanger out on others and make them feel as bad as they do. Others are a little morereasonable and less selfish. A lot of bad things happened to Celie in her life butshe was able to show love towards Nettie and Shug. She didn’t take her anger orher heartache out on them like the others had to her. Celie knew what it felt like tofeel worthless and so despite what was going on in her past and in her life, she wasable to show love to those who had been kind to her. Not everyone was kind toCelie and those that were, she appreciated it and showed them what it meant toher. 327