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The Color Purple Essay, Research Paper Andrea HansonEnglish 12The Color Purple Sometimes in literature, a character may discover that love can turn aperson’s life around. This idea can work in many ways. One may be unloved foryears and then in the future, he or she is loved. In the book The Color Purple byAlice Walker, Celie is a character that discovers that love can turn a person’s lifearound. Celie lives down south with her mother, father (Mr._____), and Nettie(her sister). She is unloved by her mother and her father. At that time she is onlyloved by her sister. Celie goes through life feeling worthless because of the waymen have treated her. She marries Albert also known as Mr._____. Mr.____beats her and treats her like she is nothing. Shug Avery comes along

(Albert’slover) and makes Celie feel loved and wanted. Celie later becomes a man haterand refers to all men as frogs. “…just when Mr._____ done ast me to marry himagain, this time in the spirit as well as in the flesh, and just after I say Naw, I stilldon’t like frogs…” (Pg.290) It all started when Celie was around 14. Her mother was dying and herfather was constantly making Celie have sex with him because his wife was toosick and would push him away. “He never had a kine word to say to me. Just sayYou gonna do what your mammy wouldn’t.” (Pg. 1) Time went on and her fatherwent on molesting her. She had two children by him and he took them away fromher. Celie’s father constantly told her how ugly she was and she went aroundfeeling worthless. Her sister was the

only one there for her. They played childishgames together and Nettie taught her everything that she had learned at school. Celie was thought only to be good enough to cook and clean. One day Mr.______(Albert) came to ask for Nettie’s hand in marriage and Mr.____ said he could onlyhave Celie. Nettie was too young and pretty, he couldn’t have her. So Celiemoved in with Mr._____. She cleaned his house, took care of his children, anddid the cooking. All she got out of it was beatings and hollering. Nettie came tolive with them because pa had started to hit on her. She knew she had to get outbefore the same thing happened to her as it did Celie. Nettie was later kicked outbecause she wouldn’t give herself to Mr._____ (Albert). That broke Celie’s heartand for years she thought

her sister was dead. Mr._____ got the mail every dayand hid the letters that Nettie had sent to her. The reason why Mr._____ treated Celie so bad was because she wasn’tShug Avery. He was deeply in love with her. He wanted to marry her but hisfather wouldn’t let him. He went from Annie Julia to Celie but the one he really wanted to marry was Shug. “He beat mewhen you not here…For being me not you.” (Pg. 78). Shug loved Celie verymuch. She made her feel like she was worth something. Maybe for Celie it waslike having a sister around but she later on started to love Shug in a more sexualway. Shug gave Celie her first letter from her sister. This meant the world toCelie. She helped Celie find the rest of the lost letters and Shug gave Celie backsomething more than love, her

sister. In conclusion, love turned Celie’s life around in many ways. Her fathershould have loved her but didn’t. He couldn’t love her because that was just theway he was. It also could have been because Celie wasn’t his real daughter. Hermother didn’t love her because her mother knew what Celie was doing with herhusband. Celie’s husband didn’t love her and just used her as a slave. He couldn’tlove her because she wasn’t Shug. She didn’t find love from the men in her life,only the women. Shug loved her because she liked what Celie was all about. Shug made her feel alive again, like she once did when Nettie was in her life. Celie ended up leaving her husband and she was happy. She no longer was beingtreated that way anymore. Nettie constantly wrote her letters