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The College Life Essay, Research Paper The College Life Schedules are a difficult thing to balance. A person must find the time to complete a number of tasks in a day. A normal adult may have time to get everything done and still have time to spare. The normal college student on the other hand is constantly on the go. College students have busy schedules that include working, studying, and socializing. Most college students work. How else are they going to have the money for all those late night pizza deliveries? Part time employees usually eat on the road on the way from school to work. They work about 5 or 6 hours a day and then head home tired and ready for bed. Maybe not every night but usually there is some kind of paper to be written or chapter to be read. Full time

college students that are also full-time workers have to plan everything out in order to make the time to get everything done. One of the things most college students don?t make time for is housework. They often wait until everything is dirty to start the laundry. Dishes are another thing that tend to pile up. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates and glasses add up after a week. College students must find time in their busy schedules to study. In order to keep up they must do daily assignments. Reading every night helps to prepare for the exams. Taking notes in class and out of class are also necessary. Students also have exams at the end of the semester that require hours of studying. Waiting until the last minute and then cramming it all in is often a final resort. Many students

who have kept up just go over and recall the information. All students must find time to study in order to pass. To escape from studying and working college students are known for socializing. They may help out in service clubs. Visiting a nursing home can be relaxing and comforting for both people. Weekends are busy times for dance clubs in college towns. College students go to clubs for fun. Clubs can be a good place to make new friends or to meet up with old ones. To help relieve stress there is nothing like having a long talk with a good friend. College students are under a great deal of stress. They must manage their time wisely. As one can see their schedules are busy with working, studying, and socializing.