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people are not happy to say the least, but a change came but quick. Recently Boris Yeltsin, due to his failing health, stepped down as Russia s President. Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, took over the active role of president of Russia. The US is keeping an eye on him because he is proposing some old communist ideas. Putin, who wants to bring Russia back to its glory days (a.k.a. communist days), is enjoying a 52% acceptance rating. He got the military to fight harder in Chechnya, to bring some battle victories there. Putin has been taking steps to rebuild the Soviet Union by making deals with the Ukraine for increased trade, and using old KGB agents to crack down on corruption in the Russian government. Traditionalist other that Putin the Zhirinovski a hard line communist,

Stalinists party will be running for president of Russia. The US fears a return to Communism, which would probably benefit the Russian people, but wreak havoc on relations. In order to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, and the flow of weapons grade plutonium the US gave Russia 100 million dollars. This money is to be used to fix its nuclear reactors and document the amount plutonium they have. The United States was reluctant to send this money because some laundered Russian money showed up in some New York banks. When the Soviet Union broke up in the early 90 s people in the US felt that there was nothing to fear anymore from Russia. Current relations between the United States and Russia have been better than the past 50 years, but still strained. Russia no longer wants to

borrow money from the US because of political differences, so it has been asking other countries. If Russia returns to its former communist government, relations between them and the US may revert back to what they where during the cold war. Although if Russia is moving to bringing back some communist ideas to help stabilize their economy and government, and relieving some internal pressure, relations may improve. No one knows what the future holds so America must wait and do what we can to help Russia, as it does for many countries around the world. 320