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his reckless ambition but also overwhelmed by this truly tragic flaw. As the play nears its bloody catastrophe, Macbeth’s “tragic flaw” arrives at his own realization; his cancerous ambition has lead him too deadly results and like Duncan before him, he is too trusting. He believes the witches’ prophesies at face value, never comprehending that, like him, things are seldom what they seem. Thus, he foolishly fortifies his castle with the few men he has left as Malcolm and Macduff are driving to kill him, banking on the fact that the events the witches predicted seem impossible. But in fact these predictions come true; the English army brings Birnam Wood to Dunsinane, and Macduff, who has been “untimely ripped” from his mother’s womb, advances to kill Macbeth because

of his “tragic” ambition. The witches have equivocated; they told him a double truth, concealing the complex reality within a framework that seems simple. Restoring proper order and control to the universe, Macbeth is murdered and the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist has been resolved. 36f