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talked to thousands of people, we just had a great time. The next day was better then the first. Phish tore out tunes that I thought I would never hear. Wilson, A Day In the Life, Suzie Greenburg, Tweezer, Strange Design… After the show, we regrouped again. At around 2 am some poor guy face-planted a Habachi that someone just BBQed off of, and he required some medical attention, we did what we could, but it was pretty bad and we sent him to First Aid. That was an amazing thing in itself. The layout was perfect. If you needed it, you could find it. Water, food, help, stupid things that you forget to bring. All with a stage for a backdrop, and a skyline so beautiful, I still haven’t seen anything like it. The Clifford Ball, was like no other show in the world. I’ve seen the

Dead, Allmans, Lollapalooza, Horde…I’ve seen a lot!!! Nothing has come close, and the only thing that might is next years Ball (hopefully in the same place) The one thing that stills troubles me though is that Mr. Sanity said he would show up at the end of the show…and he never did!