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abolitionists. Also, writers like Beecher-Stowe’s book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” motivated many readers. The Dread Scott’s affair as well as John Brown’s affair stirred up the public opinion on both sides. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln is elected president and will face opposition with the divided nation. For the South this election is a declaration of war, he secedes and engages the hostility. The Civil War happened as a result of a divorce. And this divorce could have been avoided. The South did not seem to weight a lot in front of the North agricultural and industrial made of 22 millions habitants. But the South had professionals officers, and the war lasted for years with more than 100 battles and 600 000 killed. The Southerners felt anger which divided the South from the

North for years. The Civil War brought so many ruins, but the Union was saved, and the thirteen amendment of the Constitution abolished slavery. 347