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The Civil War Essay, Research Paper History Reflection Coons, darkies, boys. These are just a few of the incredibly insulting names that you could hear whites calling the black slaves in any of the Southern or Northern states during the 1850Os to the 1860Os. My Grandmother was raised in Missouri in the 1930Os. She has had a lot of experience in the way that whites treated there slaves at that time. She told me that once when she was about thirteen years old here father came home and told here family that one of the neighbors up the street took two of his slaves down to the dike shot both of them in the back of the head and through them it to the river. This was just because he had no need for them any more. He could of sold them, but I guess that he gained some kind of

pleasure from shooting Negroes. Quit a disgusting thought of you ask me. Back in the 1800Os Africans were shipped over from Africa and were sold as slaves to the Southern States of New England. Basically, the Northerners were against slavery and the Southerners were pro-slavery. The compromise of 1850 was supposed to put an end to the slavery controversy. But it did not. After the law was past many Southerners were trying to capture their slaves that had previously disappeared into the Northern states. All of those slaves were in grave danger of recapture. Also, anyone that was caught helping a slave escape would receive a $1000 fine and or six months jail time. Even so thousands of blacks pulled stakes and moved to Canada. Men that tried to reclaim their slaves were often killed

for kidnaping in the northern States. Most Northerners were prejudiced against blacks, free or slaves yet they didnOt condone slavery. A woman named Harriet Beecher Stowe was author of an anti-slavery novel titled OOUncle TomOs CabinOO published in 1852. The book seemed to be a wakeup call to the Northerners about what slavery was really like in the Southern states. The book was a fictional story about a black slave man named Uncle Tom and the different people he slaved for. In the end of the story he is sold to Simon Legree, who has him lashed to death by Sambo, one of Simons other slavers. The plot of this novel was so hard to believe that it was considered a modern soap opera. Stowe herself had only been subjected… The rest of the paper is available free of charge to our

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