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the word of God, but also taught English and shared their cultures with the people they worked with. A missionary can be considered as an influence of American culture and if the author had any contact with the mission then his introduction to American culture could have come from there. The poems mood and reactions are much like that of Christianity. He wants his audience to hear his message but has little faith in its effect, But you don t know, I know. (3) There is no anger, rather concern, which is somewhat similar to Christianity. This can be also considered as an American influence because Christianity to the Chinese has been a western idea. There are many elements in a poem to make it what it is, whether it s nursery rhyme or Asian American poetry. To be considered Asian

American poetry there must be a combination of influence from both cultures. One s past, family and education are all elements to an Asian American poem. For a New Citizen of the United States, by Li-Young Lee is a poem that has elements of both cultures Asian and American in it. The title itself also shows that the United States is playing a big part in his life if he s a new citizen coming from the East.