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way from the outside, but on the inside he was really working for the Soviet KGB. He was paid a total of $1.5 million by the Soviets, for his service. He deposited some of the money in his name and some if the money in his wife’s name in banks in Virginia. He sold U.S. secrets to the KGB. He also gave them the names of all of the Soviets that the CIA hired as spies of its own. His actions started in the mid 80’s and he worked undetected for nine years. He and his wife were finally arrested in the spring of 1994. If convicted they would both spend life in prison. The agency has had other problems and scandals too. In 1960 a Soviet missile shot down a U.S. spy plane that was taking photos of Soviet territory. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev then canceled a summit meeting with

President Dwight D. Eisenhower. During the Vietnam War, the CIA illegally spied on thousands of Americans who opposed the war. They did this by opening mail and using wiretaps and other illegal methods to get information.4 Investigations in the mid-1970’s found that several CIA employees took part in the Watergate affair. The CIA has also taken a lot of heat for its many assassination attempts of five foreign leaders.1 Today the CIA has many problems with its agents. It had a problem with an agent named Mark McFarlin. He knowingly allowed several shipments of cocaine enter the United States from Venezuela. In the mid-80’s, agents were buying arms and shipping them back to the United States illegally and putting them up for sale. In Ghana, a CIA secretary betrayed the names of

CIA agents to her lover. It cost the CIA $13 million to resettle the agents back in the United States. The CIA also had several agents betray the agency while spying in Iran.7 The latest scandal is the cover-up of papers containing information on the possible exposure of U.S. troops to chemical weapons during the Persian Gulf War. The CIA refused to talk to Gulf War veterans who have evidence of chemical agent detections and exposures. The pentagon is still looking into the investigation. They have named the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Bernard Rostker, as the Gulf Illness “czar.” Besides all of the technical equipment, the CIA has one unique way of gaining intelligence. It involves the paranormal and is called Operation Stargate. The program was started in the early

1970’s. It consists of Psychics. The psychics predict activity of foreign countries. The program hit its peak in the late 1970’s. Since the program began, the CIA has spent $20 million employing at least 16 psychics. Joe McMoneagle pinpointed the locations of several Soviet submarines and the exact date on which it would emerge from its hiding spot. The CIA wants to discontinue the program, saying it is no longer effective, but supporters of the program say it is beneficial and that it is correct on 20% of its predictions. During the early 1950s and into the mid 1960s there were a number of unusual activities involving the CIA, The Canadian Government, and the American Government. It was a conspiracy. No one would ever guess that it was being supported by all three groups.

During this time a number of experiments involving hallucinogenic, along with what some might consider inhuman methods of psychiatry, were performed on patients. This wasn’t the end of the story. After three decades through endless court battles, a mysterious death of one of the world’s most famous psychiatrists/doctor, and numerous investigations, The CIA ended up being the most dominant player and winner of this international, yet mysterious case. The MKultra program emerged in 1953. It dealt with drugs and counter-drugs involved in research and development. MKultra immediate inspiration came from confessions made at Stalin’s show trials and a public confession of Cardinal Mindzenty of Hungary on February 3, 1949. He showed signs that made the impression of being

“broken down.” As a result of theses incidents the CIA was interested in the reason behind all this. Another factor was the Korean War. During the war, US servicemen made radio propaganda which broadcasts for The Soviets. Behind these broadcasts was the plea for an end with US involvement in the war. People were confessing to the most extraordinary charges in the communist courts. These events lead The Senior CIA Staff to suspect that The Soviets had mind control over the people. It was a time that the memory of The Nazi death camps was still in the air, and previously facing massive bombing, the best and brightest of the US Government thought that another totalitarian threat was about to emerge and they were facing new technical evils. From all this paranoia, MKultra was