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The Chrysalids Essay, Research Paper Theme In this novel, the themes are very hypocritical. The people of Waknuk disapprove of everything abnormal unless it directly improves their way of life. For Example, the two great horses that belonged to Angus Morton. They did twice the work, but required less than twice the feed. Thus were approved by the government. The people of Waknuk differ very little from the way we see things today. If professional basketball was commonly played in Waknuk, then I doubt that Gordon Strorm, or “spider-man” as David called him, would have been banished to the Fringes. Settings A majority of the story takes place in a post nuclear war era when all technology had been eradicated, and basically been sent back to the beginning of the eighteenth

century. “The Old People” are constantly referred to. These people would most likely be people from our generation. This is only the situation in Waknuk though. Waknuk is located North-East of Ottawa, in Labrador. The border between the badlands and the fringes is almost parallel with the Ontario-Quebec border. Sealand, or New Zealand has almost escaped nuclear war. Their society is more advanced than today’s, and their only real deviation ESP (Extrasensory Perception). They have harnessed the power of the internal combustion engine, and flight. Comparing the two civilizations is like comparing eighteenth century Europe, with futuristic North America. Plot Summary This is a story about a group of nine young people who have the ability to communicate telepathically. They

live in a society where any physical or mental deviation is considered the Devil’s work and must be gotten rid of. David’s father, an overly religious man, feels that no deviation should be left untouched, and pressures these beliefs onto his family. In the beginning of the story, David finds out about Sophie’s extra toes, and realizes a deviation isn’t as bad as his father had been telling him all these years. Thanks to Allan Ervin, the Wenders had to leave Waknuk, but before they had a chance to escape, were captured. As life goes on, David realizes that he has a deviation of his own. Uncle Axel helps David to realize that him being able to communicate with everybody else that had this special ability was a deviation. When David’s younger sister Petra was born, the

group realized that she, too, was telepathic. But compared to the others, her power was titanic. But Petra was too young to control her thoughts, and this caused many problems. Eventually, David, Petra, Rosalind, Sally, and Kathrine are found out. Sally and Kathrine were the only people who got caught. David, Rosalind, and Petra got away while Mark and Rachel were undiscovered. As for Michael, he followed everybody into the fringes when they went to hunt the trio down. He was able to give the fugitives an advantage. The three escapees were caught by the deviant occupants of the fringes, but were rescued and hidden by Sophie, who was until now, presumed dead. Meanwhile, Petra had been in contact with a stranger from Sealand (New Zealand) where apparently everyone is capable of

telepathic communication. The group of religious people confronted the fringes people, and a battle breaks out. Most of the important characters die at this point, because of the deadly filaments that the Sealand people brought. All of “the group” survives by being sprayed with a substance that causes the filaments to disappear. David, Petra, and Rosalind are taken away to Sealand, but Michael is given the opportunity, but turns it down, because he does not want to desert Rachel. Atmosphere As the novel starts out, the atmosphere is one of curiosity, as you wish to learn more about their society and beliefs. But, once you do learn of these, the atmosphere turns into one of fear and disapproval. For they are trying to restore the technology and the purity of the human race,