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The Chrysalids Essay, Research Paper The Chrysalids Imagine living in a place where there seemed to be a sense of evil in the eyes of everyone, except David Strorm. This place was called Waknuk. Waknuk was a place where anything out of the ?norm? was wrong and sinful and could even end in a consequence as serious as death. Life was good for those who believed and practiced the Waknuk religion. For those whom were not believers in the Waknuk religion found life to be hard and unfair. Throughout David?s life in Waknuk he was faced with many tools of evil such as prejudice, pride and deception. David painfully learned that that prejudice causes individuals to be isolated from each other, pride causes individuals to mistreat each other and finally that deception causes much hurt

and distress among individuals. The first tool of evil that I found present in The Chrysalids was prejudice. David was faced for the first time in his life a tool of evil — prejudice. It all started the day he met Sophie Wender. She was peering through the bushes when David was playing happily in a sand pile. They soon became best friends and enjoyed playing together for endless hours. One day as they were playing Sophie’s foot became caught between two stones. When David helped her free her foot he saw that she had six toes on each foot. Her toes really did not bother David in fact it made their friendship grow deeper in trust. They enjoyed going down to the stream to go catch little creatures. Sophie now felt quite comfortable around David and often took off her shoes to

reveal her six toes. Their world came shattering down when Alan Ervin saw Sophie’s footprint in the dirt that clearly showed her six toes. Sophie was now discovered. She and her family had to flee because the community of Waknuk was very prejudice and they would probably end up killing Sophie and her family. It saddened David greatly to see his best friend leave. The pain did not end there, Alan told Joseph all about Sophie’s footprint. The next morning David was interrogated by the inspector and was forced to confess that he was concealing information about someone who was not a ?norm?. Prejudice was not the only tool of evil that David was faced with, he was also faced with pride. Pride for the Waknuk religion was in everyone. Everyone was so full of pride that they no

longer made decisions with heart or compassion, instead decisions were made through what history said. It all started when David’s Aunt Harriet came to Waknuk, he had not seen her much because she lived fifteen miles away in the Kentak direction. When she arrived at the Strorm residence she quickly made it up to the nursery where David’s mother lay with her new born, Petra. As she made her way upstairs she was carrying a small white bundle. The small white bundle that Harriet carried was her daughter, one that such she had given birth to week before. There was a slight difference between Petra and Harriet’s baby girl, which was that Petra had a certificate of normalcy and Harriet?s baby had not gotten one for the slightest flaw that her child had. Harriet asked her sister

to help her. She asked her to switch babies for a couple of days until she got the certificate of normalcy. Emily refused and even had the nerve to call her sisters baby a monster. When Joseph joined the conversation he became so full of pride that that he did not hear Harriet?s cry for help and for compassion. Joseph continued to taunt Harriet, by telling her that she should be ashamed for asking to do such a favor he ended by saying that she should be greatly sorry for having to commit such a sin of bringing a child into the Strorm home. Joseph showed no remorse about what he said about Harriet and her baby. He and Emily?s pride was far too great for Harriet that she ended up committing suicide. This shows that the evil of pride caused Joseph and Emily to mistreat Harriet who