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teenagers. A romantic person who likes happy endings should not read this story.I now appreciate that my soon to be school is different from Trinity High School. This book would make an excellent movie; however, books usually have more depth and are better. For example the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is far more detailed and exciting than the movie. The author intended the title, The Chocolate War because the book is about a “war” between a higher-class person and the lower class. The setting is split between the Archie’s home and his school. . The majority of the time he is at school. The setting is not really important in this book. Although the setting is always important in almost all books, but some books need a very good plot for their book to be successful.

In this book, it isn’t important. The Chocolate War taught some good lessons, such as inner peace can help solve a lot of someone’s problems. Another lesson would be that people who are cruel are just taking their unhappiness out on others.. As you already know the Vigils were asked to sell fifty candy bars each. Some people didn’t listen because they didn’t feel like selling fifty chocolates they thought that fifty chocolates were too many. The beginning hooked me into reading it more, toward the middle of this novel, there was very useless material used. Well it is certain that you can’t judge a book by its cover, the illustration on the paperback edition of The Chocolate War makes you think the book is mainly about football and all that boring stuff. The picture that

is on the cover is a teenage football player standing dejected, reflecting on his shadow. In the back round there is a cloudy field. I think this book deals with society in many different ways. In The Chocolate War many male cruelties are explained. This made me think about things like cruelty and how people can be mistreated. I even discussed some of the book with my parents. The mood of this story is very realistic. The mood is never changes through out the whole book. Someone can wonder if things could get worse, and they can. The events get drearier and crueler. The mood helps set the suspense for the ending of the book. When the Goober, Jerry’s best friend, calls an ambulance for Jerry after the fight. As I said in the previous paragraph, the book relates to males.

Therefore, I would recommend this book to a male thirteen years of age and above. When a book leaves you feeling that way, you begin to think. Young people should definitely read this book.