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to them. Being labeled a racial minority affects all Asians, but it is particularly important for the disadvantage Asian ethnic groups. Chinese Americans are likely to remain a minority in numbers, but some analysts believe they will transcend the constraints of minority status and become and ethnic groups, as did Italians, Irish and other immigrant groups that were subject to intense discrimination when they first arrived here in the United States. Conclusion Despite their remarkable pace of growth, Chinese and Asian Americans in general will remain a small proportion of the U.S. population. Their influence on American institutions and culture will expand, largely because of their high average educational levels and increasing interaction with non-Asians. The Asian American

geographical sphere of influence is also widening. They will be less concentrated in western states and a few large cities. U.S. born Asian Americans in particular are likely to settle in new communities in response to economic factors that are unrelated to the immigrant histories of their parents and grandparents. The effects of Chinese on the U.S. society will be varied and they may be tempered or accentuated by the complex demographic, political, and social changes that are occurring in the United States today (Lee, 1998, p36). Just as previous immigrant groups have been altered by life in the U.S. so to has U.S. society been altered by immigrants. The transformation, whether it is for better or for worse, from Chinese to Chinese Americans is well underway Bibliography 1.

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