The cheese production technology

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Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian UniversityForeign Language Chair Work paper The cheese production technology Fulfilled by student: Istratova.D.SGroup T-23Checked by: Golovushina Y.A Krasnoyarsk 2010 Content: 1. Introduction: the characteristic of cheese and short classification 2. Secrets of manufacture of cheese 3. The first step in сыроварении 3.1 Preparation of milk 3.2 Сurdling 4. Cheese reception 4.1 Cheese takes the form 4.2 Salt - for the aid to useful microflora and taste 5. Cheese maturing 6. Conclusion Introduction – the characteristic of object of research and short classification. Cheese – one of the most nutritious and high-calorie foodstuff. His nutritional value is caused by high concentration of fiber and fat, presence of irreplaceable amino acids,

vitamins, salts of calcium and the phosphorus necessary for normal development of a human body. Cheese is useful to people of any age and especially for children. In cheese contains from 18 to 25 % of fiber, and his considerable part is in the soluble form, therefore is well acquired by an organism. In solid of many kinds of cheeses 45-55 % of fat, from 1,5 to 3,5 % of mineral salts contain. Caloric content of cheese fluctuates from 2500 to 4500 calories. The maintenance of vitamins in mature cheeses (in 100г cheese) makes mkg: vitamin A – 600-1300, В1 – 40-80, В2 – 300-900, РР – 20-40. 2. Secrets of manufacture of cheese Ancient Roman agriculturist Lutsy Kolumella named founders of cheese magicians and wizards. Remarkable transformations which occur at cheese

preparation. Сыроделу it is not necessary to choose raw materials from which to make cheese, he uses only one kind of raw materials - milk, and receives tens kinds of the cheese, differing both taste and a consistence and drawing. The person, is a lot of centuries back casually found out in a stomach of the killed calf the curtailed milk, for the first time has touched secrets сыроделия. Subsequently it was found out that one of four departments of a stomach of a calf or a lamb allocates abomasum - enzyme which curtails milk, decomposes fibers. This natural phenomenon, as well as others, people have placed of themselves in the service. Now from сычугов prepare a preparation named rennet enzyme. Long time was considered that introduction rennet enzyme in

milk is main, if not the unique reason of his transformation into qualitatively new product. And only after the person has learnt a microcosm, the miracle role in creation of cheese of specific species of microorganisms - lactic bacteria has been revealed. Opinion of scientists converge that these bacteria and their enzymes influence the main thing on process of manufacture of cheese lasting many days. And at the same time to researchers all new parties influence rennet enzyme open, the role of enzymes of the milk, their actions interconnected with lactic bacteria comes to light. 3. The first step in cheese cooking 3.1 Preparation of milk On сыродельном factory the tank with an inscription "Milk" which has just arrived, first of all is met by the

laboratorian, he selects tests of milk for definition of his taste and a smell, a consistence, temperatures, acidities, cleanliness, fat contents etc. Periodically on сыродельном factory define as degree of bacterial security of milk, structure of microflora being in her, his ability to be curtailed сычужным enzyme. Happens so from milk, apparently, normal on basic indicators, difficultly, and sometimes not probably to develop good cheese if in him many harmful microorganisms or it is badly curtailed сычужным by enzyme. For development of standard cheese on a chemical compound, milk normalise under the fat maintenance, preliminary having mixed from 15-20 % of mature milk for improvement of quality of cheese. Maturing of a part of milk spend at