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The Changing Office Essay, Research Paper The Changing Office Over the last decade or so many changes have been brought about to the traditional office structure. First there were typewriters, then word processors and copy machines, then there was the whole computer revolution and today information cant do anything quick enough. Originally IT systems were strictly to cut costs and to animate the traditional office functions such as: document processing and communication. There was the ideal thought of the paperless office, where everything could be done electronically or on computer. Today no one really even thinks about the paperless office, and thoughts are mainly on can I get my information processed quicker that you. (b) Traditionally the office secretary really didn t

hold that much responsibility, Phones, memos and letters. Today, those responsibilities are more managing and skilled as well as respected on a much more fundamental level, they even changed the title from secretary to office administrator or better yet the office administrators assistant. (a) The Impact of Technology Technology changes everything, from the attitude and structure to efficiency. The Internet has to be the most influential change of the changing office. The Internet provides information to the laziest and busiest of people. First it was on the computer at work, then on the computer at home, now, its available on your cell phone that resides in your back pocket every where you go. Between companies like Netscape, Netcom, IBM and the many others information is being

made so accessible and speedy not to mention user friendly to the fact the in a few years, one you wont need to type, you’ll probably be able to put on a headset and think what you want to do and the computer your hooked up to will do right in front of you. (b) The Career Opportunities Even though many industries are downsizing such as: construction, finance and government (C) the information technology industry is booming to the point where there aren t enough people to fill the positions, close to half at a astronomical figure of 843,328 in the U.S. alone. There are many different positions and titles in the industry with a range of qualifications from 4-year universities to certification courses. Some of the most prevalent positions are computer scientists, computer

engineers, systems analysts, and computer programmers. Though there are others such as: the database administrator, information systems operator and analyst, interactive digital media specialist, network specialist, software engineer and technical support positions as well. This wide range of positions and the demand is great for someone like me who has no idea what to do when they graduate. Though I cant just go out and get one of these positions I am well on my way of moving into one after a few years of experience, the great thing is that with such a high demand, companies are more than willing to compensate for further education such as some of those certifications I mentioned earlier. (f) Advantages and Disadvantages I really don t see that many disadvantages in the changing

office of today, I would love to be able to work from my home and on my cell phone rather than sit in an office all day long. But, I know that for many others that aren t in this industry there are disadvantages such as the layoffs, competition, and high market races. But for the most part the world is a lot more user friendly and convenient as the changes take shape.