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owners. Farmers eventually were losing too much money and had no choice but to move into the city, where there may be some hope for economic success. The majority of Americans did not reject all forms of government intervention. The largest group rejecting the government from intervening was the big business owners and shareholders. They were already wealthy and did not want the President to have a large hand in social and economic control. During 1885 and 1933 many politics were corrupt from the business leaders developing an alliance with politics causing Presidential control to be small. If the country had rejected all forms of the government regulation, they may have never gotten out of the Depression. FDR had a large governmental control over the country, regulating much of

the economy. This is why FDR as opposed to Herbert Hoover got the country back to solid economic grounds. From the Civil War to the end of the Great Depression the United States economy went through many levels of economic, political, and social success and failure. Without the government stepping in to make regulations the country would have never been able to climb out of the plague of the Depression under Individualist means.