The Change Of Society Essay Research Paper

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The Change Of Society Essay, Research Paper As we look for a new way to live our lives, we constantly look back to remind ourselves of the way things used to be. Western culture as we know it today, did not start off as it is now, and it certainly is not going to remain the same for very long. Change has always seemed to be the human beings way of life. We strive to find something different and more effective. As we look onto the Pre Modern, Modern, and Post Modern societies we can see that there have been drastic changes throughout the ages. There was once a time when a spear was used to kill a buffalo and rocks were the utensils used to mush plants into a fine powder which would later be used as a remedy for an illness. This society that was once the dominant way of living

from 10,000 B.C. to 1500 A.D. is what scientists define as the ?Pre Modern? society. These hunters and gatherers would roam the earth using nature as a soul provider for their survival. By establishing tribes, these hunters and gatherers would stay located in an area were the earth and nature provided the best resources. The men would hunt for several days if needed, and the women would gather wild crops, cook, and raise the children. There was no upper or lower class, rather everything was shared in the tribe, and nothing was wasted. When a tribe was approaching the winter season, little was brought with them and they would start all over in another location. Much of the Pre modern society was based on unity. There was no greed or advantage of power, but rather togetherness. The

elders were looked at as the decision makers of the group because they were more experienced and were more in touch with nature. As a way of teaching, the elders would tell stories of the way things used to be, but many would refer back to paintings on rocks explaining the past. This technique would be passed down to the children in hope that one day they too could come back to their paintings as a way of explaining their culture. The religion of many hunting and gathering societies consisted of several ceremonial activities, the preparation of dress, making of masks and paintings. Many rituals were called upon by the elders as a way of speaking to their gods for guidance. Children?s games consisted of kicking a coconut into a woven basket, or some games were played in a

ceremonial type fashion, in which the children would gather in a circle together and dance. The boys would be given spears and taught to hunt at a very young age, as the girls would follow the precision of their mothers by keeping up the camp. As tribes continued to multiply, some tribes would come together and join as one. These tribes joining together, we now identify them as civilizations. By doing this, they brought in new ideas for living. These new ideas were shared together throughout the community. As a result of the growth of these civilizations, some where down the line, power became an essential building block. Elders began thinking of ideas to branch out and absorb more tribes. Sometimes, tribes would not want to submit to a civilization. When this problem arose, war

became introduced into many cultures. The spears that were once used for hunting, were now used for the killing of human life as a means of protection. These civilizations that became empowered with change and conquest soon fell as a result of self destruction. The Roman Empire, known for its huge armies and well developed civilization became too over whelmed with the idea of power and riches. Too many people wanted the control. As a result the Roman Empire crashed to a more barbaric and primitive culture, the Mongolians. As empires broke apart into smaller states, communities became impatient with the lifestyles they had been living. As a result, change was once again an essential topic of the developing civilizations. The introduction of industrialization redeveloped several