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today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother.” This says that the old Prince Hal that was believed to be such a derelict would never be thought to be so possessed with a sense of patriotism. Perhaps Prince Hal was a little more prepared for Royalty than many first thought. Throughout the three plays (Henry IV part one and two, and Henry V) Prince Hal deceives all with a seemingly one hundred eighty degree turn from his juvenile attitude and actions to the epitome of kingliness in Henry V. Even Hal’s own father thought he would not amount to anything noteworthy. He even goes as far as to say that Hotspur (Northumberland’s son) is “The theme of honor’s tounge….” and his own son is besmirched with “…riot and dishonor..” and that he wished that Hotspur

was his own instead of Hal. Despite all of this doubt as to his ability to fill the cloak and crown of King he still rises to the occasion and takes his place among the great kings. It seems as if the “prodigal son” in this case is not so prodigal after all and actually has his life much more in control than speculated. The Prince Hal undergoes a calculated and very decisive change from the ruffian Harry, to King Henry V. 34c