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Salinger’s need to live vicariously through his characters. Salinger always wanted to use his life to help others by becoming a doctor, but he was unable to get accepted to medical school. He was then forced to go into writing, a decision which his regret can be seen through his works. Salinger seems to be too good a person to be in this corrupt world, where a selected profession cannot always be attained. The style of this book is unusual because it is told by a sixteen-year-old boy who appears to be sympathetic since he is so amusing. However, one of the problems with this style is that some of the things he observes might not be true, but somewhat exaggerated and fibbed. We are not very sure that he is even mentally stable since he tells us the story from a maximum security

institution. Despite these things, this style is highly effective because it get’s the reader to really love Holden and be sympathetic to him. I liked this book very much because it talks about the concerns of teenagers who feel the pressures of school. Although some parts of the message of this book can be dangerous because they suggest rejecting school and family and friends, it also made me think about many things filled with the false standards, and I could find some of the real truths. I also appreciate the way Holden talks which is very comical even though he’s dealing with a serious and sad subject of the death of his favorite teacher Mr. Pemberton.