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for people who have committed crimes, it has no effect on the deteration of crimes. Statistics show that there is no relationship between the number of crimes committed in death penalty states and the number of crimes committed in non-death penalty states. While a majority of people believes the death penalty is a good punishment for crimes, they do not believe it helps get rid of and prevent crime. Other methods such as increased police officers and a decrease on the availability of handguns are 2 of many alternatives in prevention crimes. Enforcing a harsh punishment for committing a crime is not an effective way to prevent it from happening. Preventing crimes from happening is the most effective way to deter crime. We need capital punishment or the death penalty as it is

refered to so many times because it reduces the amount of overpopulation in our jails and then we are not wasting our tax dollars to support murders and rapists and other criminals. And in the book The Chamber John Grisham shares the need for the death penalty in our society.