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did not think anything was going to be in return. It is like the idea of you give me two pieces of candy and I will give you a quarter. Both are beneficial to one another in terms of reciprocity. Lastly the sixth axiom presents that when similarities between people exist, the level of uncertainty is reduced. (Taddeo) Per say, a man was working out at a gym and he sees this good-looking girl across the weight room. Somehow they end up lifting by one another and smile and say hi casually. She comments on how the gym is crowded and the conversation expands from there and they begin talking about class and sports. The seventh axiom is when an increase in the uncertainty levels produces a decrease in liking. (Taddeo) For example, if a guy meets a girl for the first time and his

uncertainty level is really high, because he isn t sure if he likes her yet or not. His high uncertainty will more than likely lead to a decrease in his interest for the girl. And the last axiom, the eights, is shared communication networks reduce uncertainty, while a lack of shared networks increases uncertainty. An example would be meeting people over the Internet basically for talking purposes. One person may be on just to talk and have a good conversation and nothing more. Yet, then there are those people who want to get a little too much information about the person that they are talking to. One may either like the person in hopes of meeting them in person one day or try to block, in hopes of never having a conversation with them ever again. The basic phenomenon with URT is

trying to explain is the idea that we, as human, all have uncertainty which we try to reduce. (Pomeroy) Henceforth, in all aspects of uncertainty we all want to make changes in reducing that uncertainty, whether it maybe verbally or non-verbally towards strangers. We will always have uncertainty in the back of our minds floating around no matter how hard we attempt to be free from hesitation from the first impression. In conclusion, Berger s theory can only give us a glimpse of human reasoning behind uncertainty yet does not cure us from the insecurity. References: Anop, S. “Uncertainty Reduction Theory.” mb518496/mbur.htm. Last updated 03/11/01. Last accessed 3/11/01. Pomeroy, J. Uncertainty Reduction Theory. comstudy/urt.html.

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