The CCC Essay Research Paper Civilian Conservation

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The C.C.C. Essay, Research Paper Civilian Conservation Corps During the 1930 s the economic situation of the untied states was very bad. The nation was in severe debt and there was no really plan on getting out of it. Unemployment was running rampant and in the inner cities most people had no means of supporting their families. There was another huge problem that was plaguing the country, soil erosion and lack of timber was a big environmental issue. In 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was voted in as president of the United States and right away started to eat away at unemployment and the environmental issues by bringing them together. FDR s plan was to put thousands of unemployed young men in to Corps that would focus on helping the environment. By employing these young men

they would have a steady income of $30.00 a month ($25.00 would be sent home to family members) and at the some time the Government would have a cheap was to help countryside. This plan helped young men support their families in a time of great finacial unrest but in the same turn it would help the Enviroment. There were many dams, parks, and environmentally helpful structures that CCC workers built in Vermont, many of which are still around today. The CCC helped built the Waterbury Dam after the flood of 1938. 1: The CCC was just one of the many parts of the New Deal, that was a series of steps that would eventually pull the Untied States out of debt while helping out families. The CCC was by far the most popular act in the New Deal, even polititions that adamantly oppesed the

New Deal as a whole gave FDR enourmous credit for the formation of the CCC.* 2: While the new jobs helped young men and families it also went much further in its finacial aide. Local country stores and other small business that survived from day to day had a enoumous rise in sales wherever CCC camps were stationed. In most of these areas it wouldn t be uncommon for stores to have a $5,000 increase in sales each month.* + it wasn t that the companies didn t want to pay their workers but the owners were also going through the depression and had to support their families. The reason that the great deppresion started was the over confidence of stock brokers in the stock market, after the market crashed many companies went out of buisssness and those that didn t were seriously

crippled. Many of those remaining companies had so drastically cut back on most of the lower level employees and pay those reamaning people much less money. So as you can see the depression hurt more that just ordinary citizens, it also affected major buissness owners. What the CCC did was employ young and unmarried men but It also put out a large demand for outdoor equiptment and large landscaping equiptment. Local small business also saw a huge increase in their sales, workers were in constant need of clothes, tools, toiletries and other such things that needed to be replenished on a regular basis. President Roosevelt knew that many people oppesed his plan but in the end he also knew that it would help the country. This new deal would in addition to helping the country with its

decling agricultural stature it would also help many companies come out of debt with out adding to the countries national debt which was an increasing problem back then. Roosevelt s plan for decreasing the national debt was deffrent that most in the past because he didn t propose to rasie taxes ( mainly because people didn t have the money) and any other money stripping things that could help the country but in ther long run it would hurt the people. He decided to insitute a series of programs that would help unemployed people to work, the work woudnt pay much but slowly it would help them out of debt. I was fortunate to have a family member that had some personal experience with the C.C.C. and their inner workings. My grandfather, Jack Andrews was a member of the Civillian