The Cause Of Crime Today Essay Research

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The Cause Of Crime Today Essay, Research Paper The world is not the way it was. At one time people could sleep with their windows up and doors unlocked. In today’s society people have to lock their doors and close their windows. Crime is at an ultimate high, and the world is slowly falling apart. This is not the work of the older generations, it is strictly the work of generation X. Teenagers are not what they use to be. A long time ago teenagers were loyal, respectful, and helpful to their parents, but not anymore. Today’s teens live their own lives. They do what they want when they want, and they don’t listen to anyone much less their parents. These teens drink, do drugs, steal, and murder. They also feel the need to be accepted by their own kinds. This is how gangs

are formed. A gang is a group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit. These gangs are the greatest cause of crime in the world today because they participate in frivolous act in order to survive. To become a gang member one must go through an initiation which could consist of anything from shoplifting to murder. One initiation includes riding around in a car at night with the headlights off. When another car flashes their lights at the potential gang member, he must chase down the car and kill the occupants. Another gang initiation involves hiding in a woman’s car and raping and killing her when she enters the vehicle. Member of gangs are devoted to their gangs and fellow members. The only way one can leave the gang is through death. These

comrades sell drugs and steal in order to survive. And no matter what, they must fight for other members who are in trouble. Gangs establish a certain territory for them to roam and deal on. When another gang enters or challenges their territory, it’s time to rumble. Rumble means to engage in gang fight. The two opposing gangs will fight till death or until one gang forfeits. These fights can be with weapons or skin to skin, but it is usually decided before hand if weapons will be involved. Love and hate are both a part of gangs. Member have love only for other members of the gang. Hate stands for anyone outside of the gang. There is a thin line between the love and hate for another member. The love for a member can expire instantly if the member betrays the gang. That?s when

it turns to hate and then murder. Gangs are the greatest cause of crime today. They cause the greatest number of murders, thefts, and burglary. Generation X provides most of the young hoodlums who align themselves with gangs. This is a sad yet true fact. The word is not the way it use to be. Instead of the safe, loving place it was at one point, it is now a dangerous hateful place to live.