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plunged to a watery grave in the south Florida Everglades. Improperly packed oxygen generators, in the class D cargo area, ignited leading to a fire that burned through control cables and filled the cabin with smoke. ValuJet maintenance contractor, SabreTech, was criminally charged and found liable for placing the canisters aboard the aircraft (www:AirD). The incident sparked an intense study on part of the NTSB. The NTSB determined that improper handling of hazardous materials and failure to adequately equip aircraft with fire suppression equipment, in class D cargo areas, was the ultimate cause of the mishap. These results and findings have instigated major changes in the way hazardous materials are transported. Additionally, it has opened the eyes of aviation industry to the

cause and effect of human error. 5. In summary, pilot error, controller error and even procedural errors can be prevented. It takes an asserted effort on part of all ?players? in the aviation industry to continually re-assess the way we do business. We should strive to foresee the un-foreseen?anticipate the unlikely and continuously hone our skills to near perfection. Aviation safety is a work in progress and great strides have been made to improve the overall operation. However, unforeseen incidents are bound to occur again; how we react and adjust will truly measure the evolution of aviation safety. FOR THE CAUSE AND EFFECT OF HUMAN ERROR IN AIR SAFETY 1. National Transportation and Safety Board, Report – AAR-91/08, 1 August 1991 2., Accident Synopsis

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