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influence than any other person. These three persons, Jane, Phoebe, and Allie, have the most influence on Holden’s mind. Jane influences him and gives him a feeling of protection. Allie makes Holden reveal his fear of death. Phoebe, probably the most influential person on Holden, makes him show his fear of change, but also his insecurity. There are other persons who influence Holden, like Ackley or Stradlater, but Jane, Allie, and Phoebe are the ones that have more influence on him than anyone else has. Bibliography My name is Ricardo Villarreal. I’m a 15 year old boy. I’m a 10th grader, a sophomore. I attend to University High School. My hobbies are: playing soccer, flying R/C planes, driving R/C cars, and playing video games.