The Catch Of Life Essay Research Paper

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The Catch Of Life Essay, Research Paper The Catch of Life! Do you know of anyone who has had the privilege to adopt a child? My husband and I were definitely blessed with that privilege fourteen years ago when we adopted our daughter, Megan. This weekend, we were asked to participate in the celebration of a new addition to our friend?s family. Their daughter and son-in-law adopted a seven-year-old boy named Joey and their invitation read; ?a child makes love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, the home happier, the past forgotten and the future worth living.? We were so happy to be a part of this celebration. We knew first hand how elated Tom and Linda were in finally having a child and we also knew what they went through to get him. During the year and a half of

fulfilling all the prerequisites required to adopt through the county, disappointments became almost commonplace. Picking a child only to have him or her adopted out because they had not yet completed their requirements was the hardest and most difficult disappointment. Then came David, everything they had gone through, everything they prepared for was worth it, they knew deep in their hearts David was going to be their son. They had only had David for a month before their get-together, so for many of us it was the first time in meeting him and for him meeting us. Seeing everyone and watching the instant love and affection for this little boy reminded me of bringing Megan home and how we felt, deliriously happy and relieved! I was thinking how fortunate they all were, as we were,

not so long ago. Megan, knowing me very well, figured out why I kept hugging her all day long and accused me of being a mush pot! Little David was taking it all in, he was having a ball! He seemed like he?s been there forever, I was amazed at how affectionate he was with people he was seeing for the first time. There had to have been over fifty people (not including the kids) there and he was not intimidated at all. After opening all of his presents, he gave every single person there a big hug and a thank you, ate a huge piece of cake, then off to play with his new family and friends! In visiting with our friends we learned about David?s history and how it has affected him. The one thing that stands out is his fear of being abandoned. Even though he is running around having a

great time, he is always making sure Tom and Linda are still there. This fear is something both families are determined to slowly erase from Joey?s mind. From what I could see the whole family is off to a great start! As we were driving home I asked Megan what she thought of the whole thing and of course she was kind of board, but she said she was happy for both the parents and especially David. She had also heard about his past and felt sorry for him, wishing he had been adopted at birth like she was. When we got home she wanted to go through her baby book again, she loves hearing the stories behind the pictures and I love telling them. We talked about what was possibly going on in David?s little mind?. wow is this all for me, am I dreaming, is this really my new family, is this

really going to last forever? The answer would be, yes David this is all for you, this is your new family and it will be forever!