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inadequately. As with Bob Ewell, they might spend the money on alcohol. Even though To Kill a Mockingbird portrays a very vivid caste system, one might need to look harder into the story to realize its true meaning. Bibliography Altman, Dorothy Jewell. ?Harper Lee.? Dictionary and Literary Biography. Gale Research Company, 1980, 180-83. Bloom, Harold. Modern Critical Interpretations. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, 1998 Dave, R. A. ?To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee?s tragic vision.? Indian Studies in American Fiction. The Macmillan Company, 1974, 311-23. Erisman, Fred. ?The Romantic Regionalism of Harper Lee.? The Alabama Review. April, 1973, 122-36 Going, William T. ?Store and Mockingbird. Two Pulitzer novels about Alabama.? Essays on Alabama Literature. The University

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