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company exterior control interface box with a small lock on it. My electronic lock pick tool made short work of that, and within seconds my notebook was displaying the entire alarm configuration of the building. I sent the notebook to work on decoding the alarm security code, while I called the security company. While I was searching for the cable linking the alarm’s brain to the phone line I talked to the dispatcher, trying to divert his attention from the blips I was creating on his computer screen “Yes, we have code 4 security breach on level eight, sector 2 building 7 at client number 26342. Yeah, that’s right. We’d also like a large cheese pizza with extra sauce. Thank you very much,” I hung up on a very confused young man, who was undoubtedly still scratching his

head and looking up client number 26342. The alarm telephone cable was not difficult to locate, and within seconds it was interfaced with my notebook, and I was inside the building. I went straight for the computer system and powered it up. I hooked into the worldwide Lexus satellite network and typed in the vehicle identification number for Diane’s Lexus. I was correct in assuming that Larry was an idiot. He had neglected the obvious and left Essie’s computer file completely intact on the Lexus-net. The full record for the ES300 appeared in front of me. It had indeed gone in for service on May 16, and had on that same day been sold back to the dealership and sent to Anchorage, Alaska. The computer also stated that Essie was still on the lot of the Lexus dealership there,

awaiting sale as a Lexus-Certified Pre-Owned car. I printed a copy of my findings, and tapped into the company’s financing software, I found that the dealership had received thirty thousand dollars for replacement of the ES300, Diane’s ES300, that they said had been run into the roof of the service department. They had then rebated this amount off of the price of a new $55,000 SC300 for Diane. The dealership made their profit, and Larry made his. The insurance company picked up most of the tab, and Diane paid the other $25,000. Larry also ended up with a nice bonus after this sale consisting of a new GS300. I printed a copy of this repot as well, stuffed the papers into my black bag and started toward the service department. I fired up the hydraulic lift and pressed the up

button. Not only did it not reach the ceiling, it was incapable of going over six feet off the ground. This was due to the fact that the lift shaft was only six feet long! I took a few photos of this phenomenon, turned off the lift and headed toward the door. As I was walking I heard someone enter. It was Larry., I heard him say,”So you’ve figured me out, huh? Well, we’ll see about that! No one tricks Larry Lundergan, no sir,” He babbled on, pretending that he knew what he was taking about. What a moron. As he babbled, he paced around the room and paced off toward the showroom. Again, what a moron. I slipped out the door behind him, hopped into the Impala, and floored it. Just for and added flair, I once agin headed straight for the showroom glass at sixty, and once again

I swerved out of the way just as Larry hit the dirt. I picked up my car phone and called a buddy of mine in Anchorage. I asked him to fax me photos of a 1994 Lexus ES300, VIN JTK38A34K4498LJE5. I told him the entire story and asked him to got the dealership and take pictures of the car, including the VIN plate. He consented and agreed to fax me the pictures, in exchange for the usual monetary reimbursement. I returned to the office and began to type my report including copies of the insurance claim, the insurance company’s returned check, the bill of sale from the Lexus dealership in Anchorage, and the pictures of Diane’s Lexus on the Anchorage lot. As dawn broke I called the Lexus Store of Anchorage, and told them not to sell that car, as they didn’t legally own it. I

faxed them a copy of my report and they consented to hold the car until further notice. I then faxed Diane a copy of the report, as well as the bill for my services. Next, I made another call to Buddy, explained the situation faxed my report and asked him to arrest Larry and all other involved parties.. He wasn’t happy about it, but he couldn’t resist a big arrest, even if it did require missing he donut break.