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dance and yelled, “great tunes dude!” I knew he was full of his usual schmoozing crap, so I shook my head and turned off the ignition. “That was some awesome driving back there! I was a little worried for awhile! Heh heh heh…” Larry said in an attempt to break through my salesman resistant emotional armor. “Yeh…well…uh…” I tried to begin, but to no avail. “The SC400 really has an excellent braking system doesn’t it? Now if you had plowed through that window, and struck something, the other safety systems would have proven their effectiveness as well. Thank goodness you didn’t though! Ha ha ha…” Larry didn’t seem to pick up on the fact that I wasn’t laughing…”On snow and ice it handles well to, the electronic traction control system was first

engineered for the SC 400, blah blah blah.” I tuned him out as he entered an other babble session. “Excellent this, breakthrough that, blah blah blah.” “Great Larry. I think I like this little number. Wonder if I could borrow it for a few days, so I can get a better feel for it?” “Well, we don’t usually do that, but you seem like an honest fella… sure why not?” “Great! I’ll call you in a couple days, and tell you what I think.” “Okay, I can come out to your home and actually talk turkey if the trip is inconvenient for you. Here’s my card with home phone, so just give me a call anytime…” I took the card, jumped in the car and floored it. Larry’s eyes followed me out of the lot and he looked as if he really wished he hadn’t given me those keys. I

started up my Aerosmith and formed a plan. I decided to return to the dealership after closing and investigate. I realized that I had left my friend’s car at the dealership and decided that I had to retrieve it before someone noticed it. First, I swung around to my place and picked up the Impala. It felt great to be once again behind the wheel of a car the size of my apartment. I really detest sporty, fuel efficient, small Japanese luxury-sportmobiles. I picked up my buddy and drove him to the Lexus place to get his car. Having done so, I drove to Larry’s house, allowing that he was still at work. I was in luck, no one was home. Larry lived in a nice little home in a lovely little development off Nicholasville Road. He had no alarm system and his door locks were a joke. I

Rifled through his desk and noticed that he had been doing very poorly for awhile, in fact he was nearly broke before Diane’s car got destroyed. Hmm..I thought. I also noticed that Larry had received a new car as a company bonus just after selling the SC to Diane. Hmm…I thought again… Just then I heard the hum of and overpriced car entering the driveway and decided to make a hasty retreat through the back door. Larry smelled guilty to me, and I couldn’t help feeling as though I was about to stumble upon a conspiracy. I decided to call my fiend at the Police Station to see if they know any thing about this, or if Larry had a criminal record. “Hey Sam! No , we haven’t heard anything about a conspiracy at the Lexus dealer’s, but if you find anything, let us know

okay?” Buddy replied in his usual cop manner, feeling that although P.I.’s do more work and solve more cases, they are the scum of the earth and should be watched closely. Granted, we don’t use the most ethical of evidence collection methods, but nobody’s perfect, right? “Sure thing Buddy. How about a record on the Larry guy?” I asked, wondering if Larry was more crooked than just a simple car salesman. “Nope, he’s as clean as a sleazy car salesman ca be. Sorry Sam” Buddy replied he didn’t seem to be to upset about being unable to provide me with a lead. “Bye Buddy.” I hung up the phone, realizing once again how much I hated the police. As it was nearing dark I resolved to make a trip to the Lexus dealership to round up some conclusive evidence enabling me

to solve the case and take a trip to Hawaii. I was sure that this wouldn’t happen, but it seemed like a nice dream so I gassed up the Impala, ate dinner, and drove toward Nicholasville. I pulled around to the back door and noticed that the dealership had a very fancy alarm system. “Damn,” I muttered to myself, alarm systems can be a major hassle. I went back to the car and got my high-tech black bag of tricks from the trunk. From this I removed my multi-purpose computer interface device, a small black box enabling me to connect m note book computer to just about anything I liked, from an ATM machine to an Elephant’s tongue. (Don’t ask…) My next task was to find the nearest available alarm wire to splice into. I was pleased to find, instead of the above, an alarm