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tell the United States, a country he has plotted against for years, everything that they want to know. Jack Ryan is an educated CIA man with knowledge in many fields, but now his main concern is with intelligence and strategy. Lieutenant Sanders goes to Colonel Decker with a complaint about Jack, and Decker’s response goes as follows, “Don’t be to quick to make an enemy of him, he’s one of the smartest men this office has ever had?and more importantly he’s a people person, he doesn’t just look at what we’re proposing to do, but who were going to do it to and the affects it could have on them and the affects it could have on us.” This shows that he is very respected by his superiors and one can assume that he has worked hard to earn that respect. Later in the book

the President and Colonel Decker are deciding whether or not Jack can be briefed on the identity and existence of Misha, or as he is known in the inner circle “Cardinal.” Here is a response from Decker when the President asks if they can trust Jack: “Sir, he may not be military, or even worthy of any medal we have to give, but he is a true American?” showing that the people around him have faith in him and that what he has done has proved to be enough to win the accolades of even the most cynical (Decker.) In conclusion, I feel that this was over all a good novel with mediocre characterization. It definitely was not on my top ten list but was not on the worst ten either. I think that Tom Clancy could have done better in the areas of both direct and indirect

characterizing. For example, he could have given more of an introduction to each of the characters; he also could have had a better flowing dialogue between all the characters. Many of his characters contradicted their characterizations with their actions, which left me a little upset and at times confused. In the first 150 or so pages it is easy to get lost, you are bombarded by literally scores of Russian names that all kind of blend together, especially if you’re reading late at night and somewhat passively.