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as well know as she was in Italy. “A passion burns inside her-although she’s never even admitted it to herself and she shows no sign of it, that passion is appeased by the fantastic happenings she enjoys and endures on the screen”(61). The woman’s dreams are fulfilled when she goes to the movies. She lives the movies over and over in her mind to give herself momentary breaks from her hopeless life. The movies represent for her an escape from fascist Italy with all it’s propaganda and policies, which undermined the individual in exchange for the well being of the state. “She’s not aware of how it happens, but beginning with the first scenes, she completely identifies with the leading lady’s character?For two or three very long and fleeting hours she lives in

countries she’s never seen before but recognizes at first sight and where she feels at ease, as though she’d always lived there”(60). This longing that the woman feels is the longing for adventure, which she has never experienced. She becomes so involved with the characters that she throws herself in the path of an oncoming car because she was dreaming part of a movie she had just watched and wanted to make an impression on society-something she felt she couldn’t do in a fascist Italy. Ada Negri’s short stories reflect how Italian fascism led to the diminishing dreams of Italian women and suppression of their being, as a result of fascist propaganda and ideas. Ada Negri’s two short stories “The Captain” and “The Movies” give us a good idea of how woman’s

lives were affected by the rise of fascism in Italy. These women had to give up their childhood dreams of stardom, adventure, and leadership skills for the routine daily work of the fascist state. They were told that they were inferior to men and served only to benefit the state and their husbands. Women stayed at home where they were told they should be, making babies and staying at home performing typical female tasks such as cooking and cleaning. The lives that Italian women led during fascism were much less than exciting. Because of this they often strive for things beyond their reach. Whether it be fantasy getaways to far-a-way places, or dominating and being original. The conditions of Italy at this time would not permit their dreams to become reality. Women were forced to

live unappreciated in a fascist state where the good of the country outweighed the wants and needs of the individual. 33c