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won this battle of wits, but it seems as though Jankyn has none. One way or another, Alison has made her puppets dance, completely under her dominion. Her tale backs up her philosophy, as the main point is that ?Wommen desire to have sovereinetee/As wel over hir housbonde and hir love,/And for to been in maistrye him above?(T1044). The Tale backs up the Prologue and pleads for the emancipation of women. Alison is her own ideal of what a woman should be. By gaining sovereignty, she has the power. Chaucer has presented us with a fresh view of women, uncharacteristic of his time. The Wife of Bath is unique, and her defining qualities allow what the author thinks of women to reveal itself clearly. She is an immoral woman who has done whatever she has needed to do to get what she

wants, and the author makes no apologies.