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very beginning the knight offers her respect and free will, ” He swore to her as a knight that never . . . would he take an authoritarian role over her . . . nor show jealousy to her, but would obey her . . . as any lover ought his lady.” The knight in this tale knows how to win a lady. By giving her respect and allowing her to do as she pleases, by not keeping her on a short leash, he wins her respect and therefore they build a very powerful love relationship. Another attribute to their strong relationship is faithfulness. When a young squire tells the knights wife of his love for her she tells him, ” I will never be an unfaithful wife in word or deed, . . . I will be his to whom I am knit.” With faithfulness comes safety. If a person feels safe in a relationship they

tend to stay their, making the relationship that much stronger. Each of the love relationships I have just described contains qualities that I feel are important in my ideal love relationship. I feel that passion is important, as in “The Knight’s Tale” when Palomon is willing to fight Arcite for Emily; it adds excitement to the relationship. Sometimes persistence can play an important role in a love relationship, as it did in ” The Wife of Bath’s Tale” when the old woman persists that the knight should love her. Finally, I feel that respect plays a key role in making a good love relationship. When to people love and respect each other, as the knight and his wife did in ” The Franklin’s Tale”, it helps to build a very strong and rewarding love relationship. But,

for every quality that I like in each story, there is also a quality that I feel is detrimental to a blissful relationship. For instance, in ” The Wife of Bath’s Tale ” the knight is forced into a love relationship, which I feel could only lead to an unfulfilling relationship. Also in ” The Knight’s Tale “, Arcite and Palomon are in love with a woman to whom they have never even spoken to. this could only bring on arguments and would definitely be a shabby relationship.