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that were outstanding beginning in 1999 through 2001. In the mid 90’s, Campbell began to focus more strongly on the soup and sauces division. The market represented soup sales were declining regardless of their efforts of introducing countless varieties of new flavors. They found success in their sauces. Consumers were now looking for a healthier way to eat and fat free foods proved effective. Their newest innovation was soup that could be stored in a reusable, refrigerated package. They acknowledged that people went to their refrigerators to find quick meals, instead of their pantries. They hope that this reusable packaging will increase sales and begin a new generation of consumers. Throughout the past two decades, Campbell has grown into one of the strongest food companies

on the market. They have restructured their company to focus on divisions that will compliment their existing operations. Campbell looks towards the future to grow into the most competitive company on the market. As long as Campbell continues to recognize the ever-changing market and introduces products that will represent the changes, they will continue to grow. Consumers don’t have the time they use to to prepare meals at home as often. People rely on restaurants and quick serving items to feed their families. I think their soup containers have much to be desired. Soups on the go, could be packaged with crackers, They need to introduce more products that will keep up with the busy lives of working, parenting, and school attending adults. They also need to keep focusing on fat

free foods and healthier alternatives for burger and fries. It seems Campbell’s management has kept up with the changing trends of the consumer. With every new CEO, brings an opportunity for more growth. Campbell plans to continue to bring wealth to its shareholders in the years to come.