The Cahtolic Church And Birth Essay Research

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The Cahtolic Church And Birth Essay, Research Paper The Catholic Church is the world’s largest, and oldest, Christian religion. The churches over 860 million members count for almost one-fifth of the of the Earths population. Such a large religion is open to be interpreted in many ways, to avoid having the Churches views distorted they have the Catechism . The Catechism is the place to go for information about Catholic belief. This book attempts to explain a Catholics Questions like Why is the Catholic Church opposed to birth control? Where in the Bible is birth control condemned as being contrary to the Will of God? I as a non-Catholic Christian do not agree with the Churches views on birth control or abortion. But by reading the Catechism and researching these subjects on

Catholic web sites. I will attempt to show the basis of the Churches views. The Catholic Church is not opposed to birth control when it is accomplished by natural means, by self-control. It is opposed only to birth control by artificial means, by the employment of pills, condoms, IUD’s, foams, jellies, sterilization, non-completion of the act of sexual union. ( Terwilliger, Web ) God slew Onan for practicing contraception (Gen. 38:9-10 Bible); the word “onanism” derives from Onan’s deed. In Genesis 38 there is a reference to birth control where Onan spills his seed on the ground, coitus interruptus. In the story of Tamar and Onan, Tamar was married to Er, but Er died before they had any children. Following a custom called the “Law of the Levirate”, Er’s brother Onan

is commanded by Judah (their father) to have intercourse with Tamar. (38:8 Bible) Then Judah said to Onan, “Go in to your brother’s wife and perform the duty of a brother-in-law to her, and raise up offspring for your brother”. (38:9 Bible) But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so when he went in to his brother’s wife he spilled the semen on the ground, lest he should give offspring to his brother. In the New Testament, there is only one instance where sin is punished by God with immediate death, this was the fate of Ananias and Saphira, a husband and wife who went through the motions of giving a gift to God but fraudulently kept back part of it. The Bible says they lied to the Holy Spirit. (Acts 5: 1-11 Bible). The church believes that in contraception, two

people go through the motions of an act of self-giving, but obstruct the results of the union, i.e., the conception of children, which is, they believe is the ultimate purpose for which God created sexuality. Sex is thought to be a gift from God to the married, but with contraception, married couples are accepting the pleasure God built into the act and yet denying Him its purpose. The church believes that artificial birth control is a violation of the Natural Law. The use of contraception by a couple my make sense to them, but would they have wanted their own parents to use it. Worst of all, many “contraceptives,” such as the IUD and most if not all birth control pills, work by actually causing an abortion early in the pregnancy; thus, this so-called “contraception” is

in reality abortion–the killing of a human being–rather than the preventing of conception. In our history there are examples of sins which are accepted by Christians; in our times the “acceptable” sin is contraception. Basically it is gaining pleasure without producing children. The true Christian couple, on the other hand, will realize that God desires them to have children so that these children can come to know Him and love Him and be happy with Him eternally in Heaven. Marriage is God’s plan for populating Heaven . (Terwilliger ,Web) In class we have found that there have always been selective following of the law and religious guidelines It can be argued that human life begins at conception, taking the life of an unborn child could be considered murder. Almost all