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of the house. Women were married around ages 12-15 years and males ages 14-17 years. This could have very well been the rite of passage into adulthood. The ceremonies were formal and not very elaborate. The woman usually wore a special dress to show the specialness of the occasion. In the ceremony certain rituals were performed to ensure the couples welfare as a new family. A modern aspect of Roman marriage was the availability of divorce. Only men held this power at first but it was later granted to affluent women. The Romans lived with extended families. Grandparents, uncles, and aunts could all live in the same place. These families did much to entertain themselves. They played musical instruments and told stories. One thing that is clearly different from the two cultures is

that the Roman community did not act as a family like the Bushmen did. Their community would have been a very large one seeing as Rome had 600,000-800,000 citizens. There would be no way to see that every citizen was provided for. Unless, that is, if everyone was brought to an equal status. There was a clear line between the rich and the poor in Rome. Possessions were very important to the Romans. You got many privileges if you were rich and none if you were poor. Each family was very different because of these privileges. The development of agriculture clearly caused a huge impact on life to these people living in these societies. Because food was able to be produced at will, specialization of labor occurred. No longer were their only hunters and gatherers. These positions were

no longer needed for the survival of the population. People were found with lots of time on their hands. During this free time they developed ideas and concepts which led to the interesting and varied culture. They created culture during this time. The advanced agricultural cultures were more varied. Another important change that came about with the advance of agricultural society was that the community no longer had to be nomadic. Their food didn t control them anymore. Before, as hunters and gatherers they had to follow or keep moving to find a food source to keep alive. Now their food source is in one area and they have to permanently stay by it. This led to building permanent living structures. While culture was being crated values were changing. Before, as hunters and

gatherers every person played a role in the community. Each person was depended on and appreciated. Then because all the people in the community were not needed for gathering and/or hunting, specialization of labor occurred. Social classes or roles were developed and sex roles transformed. Bibliography Cowell, F.R. Everyday in Ancient Rome. Great Britain: B.T. Batsford Ltd., 1966 Casson Lionel. Daily Life in Ancient Rome. New York: American Heritage Publishing Co.. 1975