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in the legalistic sense, then yes. All of the proceedings were handled according to the law, and one side prevailed over the other fairly. This to me would be justice in the Constitutional sense. I think the book was put together very well in the sense that it was written by a lawyer. The way the Chapters were separated and titled as to give quick reference. Also the way the book was written in story form as to be appealing to the reader. Stern did an excellent job of recording the events surrounding this case and the information prevalent to it. The way he was very objective in his depictions of the moods and agendas behind the people involved, including his own was very well done. Usually it is wise to be very skeptical towards those who write books involving themselves because

of how they might distort the truth a little. In his book, Stern was convincing that he documented truth on the Buffalo Creek Disaster. I think like every other story, the mining company views it as something completely different. We are learning about this kind of stuff in Social Psychology. One such thing is Confirmation Bias, once someone has made an opinion about something they will ignore things that do not agree and look for things that support them being right. I think this happened throughout the side of the defendants, the mining company. I also think that this happened on the side of the plaintiffs as well, because they could have done more to ensure their survival. Since the victims did nothing to ensure their survival and the mining company was wrong, they chose to

ignore that fact. Another thing that was impressed with was how captivating a book on a court case could be. I didn t think I d actually have the patience to read the whole thing through, maybe skim it. I did however enjoy it, and plan to read more books concerning court cases in the future for pleasure.