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The Brown Wasps Essay, Research Paper The Brown Wasps ?The Brown Wasps? is in my personal opinion, a very good narrative essay that not only has interesting description but comes to a more personal level with his reader. His choice of words and the way he presents the emotional content of situations make the reader think of his own life and how he may associate parts of the character?s life with his own. I think that Eisley?s main point or thesis reflects in his examples that many forms and variations of life try to keep in their mind, a sense of home. A place where they can feel comfortable and not have worry of outside pressures but feel content in knowing that they exist. The first couple of examples, of the elderly men in the train station. All of which are scattered in

the floor and lying on the benches, helpless and wanting to die as the rest the rest of the world goes on with life as usual. Note how the Security guard makes his hourly pass and does his job but chooses to ignore the old men as they attempt to get up. He uses this style that makes human emotion in writing more appealing to the reader. He compares this to that of wasps who come back to their nest to die. Stressing a need for closeness with a community. Death is an underlying factor in both cases. I guess he tries to make us feel that the thought of death may bring a sense of what home is, much clearer. Later on he uses two more examples dealing with even stronger emotions. The field mouse who became scared and was forced from his home. And the person who went back to their

childhood home to find the tree that he and his father had planted sixty years before. Remembering that his dad had promised they would not move and put down roots. But sixty years later when he returns home and finds the tree had been gone years before, it didn?t matter because the image was in his mind and just the simple thought of this made him happy. As I said before, it makes us think of a time and place where all was peaceful and we will always have that moment until it is our turn to return home and lay in the shadow of our own tree and wait to die. I think that all of the situations bring a sense of values of who we are. What we have been exposed to over time becomes a part of us. What we value as humans as being peaceful may be very different, yet it may all have the

same emotional meaning to each as an individual. Just as the blind man in the subway and the pigeons that flew in search for the peanuts. After it was all torn down, it didn?t matter that it couldn?t be seen. I was their place all to themselves that reminded them of good times.