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to America to save his brother Irwin from the institution, Everett was thrown in prison for being a ?draft-dodger?. During his time in prison he received a letter from Natasha, saying that she missed him and wanted him back. Everett soon came to realize that there must be a higher power out there and, because he refused to follow the tradition of calling it God, he simply titled it ?You?. Although people such as Everett forsook religion, they could not quite fill the void that the absence of God left in their souls. Because of this, most of them eventually came back to religion to a certain extent. Peter, on the other hand chose a totally different path from his brother. All through his childhood, Peter had read books of the Hindu and Buddhist religions. He incorporated all three

of the major religions, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism to form his own beliefs. During college, Peter received an opportunity to travel to India for a school study project. He figured this must be his path to enlightenment, so he went very willingly. Once he arrived in India, he tried very diligently to live as the Indians did. He traveled on the low class trains, ate the same food and deprived himself from all other luxuries. However, he soon began to realize that it was much harder to shake his ?American-ness? than he had first imagined. So, before long, he was traveling in first class trains, living in higher class places and eating much better food. However, after he got scammed and robbed, he was forced to go back to living like the poor. At this point, he finally

realized that this was not the path to enlightenment, so he returned to America. When Peter got back he discovered that his way of life was not so bad, and although the other religion?s scriptures may be good to learn from, they were not really the true path to salvation. Many others in the 1960s also tried other religions but few found true satisfaction in any of them. Freddy again chose a different path from her siblings, although hers was not quite as extreme. She decided that instead of religion, the recent discoveries in science were far more interesting. Taking after her grandmother, she began to research science and tried many experiments. Science even became a sort of religion for Freddy, it could explain things in the world which she could never before quite understand.

The advancements in science surrounding the 1960s lead to many atheistic views, but also led to more unanswered questions. People were still trying to fill the void where God was missing but couldn?t quite do it. Many others in the 1960s found different manners in which to avoid the traditional religious views. Papa found baseball. Since his youth, he had never been a religious man. His father had been a baseball player, so Papa decided to take up his fathers career. It was all he needed in his life, he played baseball and was happy. However this came to an end one day when his thumb was crushed in a mill accident. From that day on, Papa would never pitch normally again. After this, he lost all hope in life, it was as if his salvation had been lost. Papa soon took up smoking and

drinking to drown his sorrows. He still watched the baseball games on TV while the rest of the family went to church but he was not the same man as before. Then Kincaid encouraged him not to give up, and Papa began to start pitching in his backyard again. After a thumb surgery, he returned to the ball diamond as a pitching coach and his ?religion? was once again restored. Papa had found something other than the traditional religion to keep his life meaningful. Others found satisfaction in love, music, writing or any other thing that could keep them content. The people of the 1960s also escaped conformity in other ways, such as their ways of living. Since most of them believed in ?free love?, there were a lot of unmarried couples living together, something which was not lightly

done before this time. If one did not settle with a certain person, they would give themselves freely to as many people as they chose. They believed that the body was a beautiful thing and it should be utilized to its full potential. The shift from self-control to self indulgence was very evident in the 1960s. Pleasure became the ultimate goal and free love was one way of achieving it. Others achieved this goal through things such as drugs and music. Drugs were very prominent in this era because they were believed to be a way of lifting the mind to another level, a level never previously enjoyed by many of them. Music became a way for people to express their feelings and to make public their views of authority and conformity. Even the way some dressed in the 1960s was a way of