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involves the future of the Northern Ireland government. Theagreements calls for the people of Northern Island to decide whether or not to sty a partof Great Britain or to unite with the Republic of Ireland and form one Ireland. (WWW.CNN.COM) There are many parts of the agreement that have to do with the relationshipsbetween Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Britain. First, it establishes a North-South Councilof Ministers that would work together on issues like transportation and agriculturebetween the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Republic also agreed to add aconstitutional amendment dropping their territorial claim the six counties of NorthernIreland. The agreement also calls for the paramilitary groups that planned all the terroristattacks during the preceding

three decades, to give up their weapons over two years,starting in June. Also in the agreement is a promise to drop all previous laws and customsthat generally discriminate against the Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland, and visa-versa inthe Republic of Ireland. (WWW.CNN.COM) The agreement was enacted after a resounding yes vote on both sides of the Irishborder, marking the first time in eighty years that people on both sides of the island votedtogether in a single vote. (WWW.CNN.COM) Throughout history Ireland has been marred by violence and hatred. They havebeen fighting an ancient war of religion and beliefs raging against each other for no reasonbut to keep control of what is now Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has been abreeding ground of fighting, bombings,

assassinations, and violence. History has provedto us that territory can be the cause of so much death. The fighting over Northern Irelandand hatred between the Irish Catholics and English Protestants in Northern Ireland hasresulted in a total of three thousand, two hundred and forty-nine people dying. (TimeMagazine Page 38) You can’t help but ask yourself why. It is hard to understand whysomeone would want to take another person’s life over some land and control. But ithappens everyday, and has been happening for over four hundred years in NorthernIreland. Hopefully through these recent peace talks and the recent peace agreement, allthe fighting can come to an end, and the people of Northern Ireland can decide their ownfate instead of two other countries fighting over them.

Maybe through this they will beable to be the masters of their own destiny. Sometimes we must step back and letsomeone settle his own problems. If the majority of the people in Northern Ireland want aunited Ireland, then so be it. Leave it up to the people it effects, the people who have seenthe death and destruction, who have lost family and friends in the seemingly senselessfighting.