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Lets talk about thinking British paradigm includes rational and systematic framework. Before starting normally they have an optimism. Thinking based on precedent not a theory. British are sceptical about big scheme (but created complicated social structure) and very proud in getting through difficult situation. Conclusion : Mind and thinking of British people is a key point/factor Most of activity pushed in this sphere and may find release through : reading science research I expect more readers and reading per capita in England - The British should like to read a lot. Good publishing system : newspapers, books, magazines ets. Between Russian and British I found some common characteristics, such as the famous empire mentality. Great Britain, as we know, was once geographically

very great and many British people still think or their land as great an strong. They still think that British is the "best." I can see similar in the Russian attitude. Here. perhaps I am close with my wife, even though she does not like to admit this mentality. I would like to add that countries that have the same attitudes as Britain and Russia also have major problems. Because they think they are the best, they may not be so good at learning new attitudes or for example other nationalities and be incentive. In a way, us Russian also live on an Island. There Is one other major similarity. The British are definitely romantic, much more romantic then Italians. and this is the result of being shy and reserved. The Russian are also romantic, but the reason is different.

It has more to do with vastness and emptiness of the Russian landscape that, I believe, help make Russian philosophy and has something to do with the famous "Russian soul". When the British relax and let themselves go, they may be very talented artists - real artists, without pretence (a French tendency, I think) and with intense emotions. I found that Theatre is very good in Britain, and theatre has a lot, of cause, to do with body movement. Those who are good at it, get very good at it. And there are plenty of things that I like about British, of cause, besides their humour whatever is hides. I like the British breakfast, English tea, gardens, romantism and English language. Also I like Scottish whisky, I like it much more then vodka. Drinks and Culture I don't know

why British people think I should like vodka so much. I bring 4-5 bottles of Vodka to my British friends in London. Anyway, there are things that easy to share with my British friends.