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The Breakfast Club Essay, Research Paper FILM 7112081 The Breakfast Club. Jane Barr Introduction. A film on which inspired me is The Breakfast Club Written and Directed by John Hughes. Released in 1983 it tells the tale of 6 teenagers that spend Saturday detention locked in the library of their High School. With eight hours of confinement they start to form a friendship. The film represents the true high school, with characters such as Andrew Clark (Emilio Estevez) playing the athlete, Brian Johnson (Anthony Michael Hall) Playing the brain, John Bender (Judd Nelson) Playing the juvenile delinquent, Claire Standish (Molly Ringwald) as the princess and Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy) posing as the basketcase. Another character that played an important role was Principal Richard

Vernon (Paul Gleason). With his comical war against John Bender. In this film it deals with the issue of teen angst. Genre The film cannot be placed under one specific genre- it could be classed as a romantic film, drama, or comedy. Romance because in the film more than a friendship is formed. It could also be classed as drama because it deals with teen angst and the effects it has on a teenager s life. The film might even be placed under comedy because it contains some witty comebacks between the group and their Principal. Why I class it under so many is because it contains equal amounts of all of them. Romance develops from friendship into love, their lives are told in the film and it has funny lines throughout the script. To me this film is classed under romance with new

budding relationships its hard not to place it under this category. A-The Prinicpal D- When they become friends B-The Students C- The High School E-Problem being fixed Narrative Structure The basic storyline is 6 teenagers spending Saturday detention in High School with their Principal making their lives hell. That A. The opening of the film shows the high school. This would be point C where they meet. A voiceover is telling of their day together. The storyline slowly progresses into a wide and exciting tale of Saturday detention. They are told to write and essay explaining why they are here. The synopsis of the film is that they learn more about each other that day than they ever had. B is the group of teens. Finding out that the athlete (EE) is scared of his father, the brain

(AMH) Tried to kill himself with a flare gun, the juvenile delinquent (JN) is abused by his family, the princess (MR) Hates her parents because they always fight and the basketcase (AS) is actually intelligent and has an amazing social life. The Principal plays the best role. Shouting at them for fighting, also giving Bender (JN) three more months of detention and also reading classified files that the Janitor (John Kapelos) finds out about and blackmails him. At the end they learn alot about each other and Bender (JN) and Claire (MR) begin an exciting relationship. The brain finishes it off by writing the essay and leaving it for the Principal to read. Point D is when they finally become friends. The closing scene shows Bender walking past the football field shouting and then

the credits role. From this it can be gathered that The Breakfast Club is in the classical narrative style with a beginning, middle and end. This is point E it shows you the problem being took away and friendship put in its place. Representation The Breakfast Club is a representation of American High Schools in 1983. With typical characters such as the jocks, who were the letterheaded jacket and only speak to the popular people, juvenile delinquent, who doesn t socialize with the rest of the school, always in trouble and never doing what he s told. They always wear baggy worn out clothes that tell them apart from the rest of the school. Then we have the geek who always wears what his mother tells him too, never late for school, always hands in his homework and doesn t get into