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beliefs that has been so engrained within his mind. Thus through the death of his son, Jarvis, realizes what wrongs that have been taking place in his country ?I understand what I did not understand. There is no anger in me?(181). Through this new undertsanding there is a change in the way that Kumalo and Jarvis see each other. Again Kumalo sees Jarvis within a new light seeing him as a caring father, empolyer and someone who cares deeply for the village of Ndotsheni. Even though hardship and deaths have been experienced in the novel through the power of love one realizes that hope never dies. It is only fadded and always with a little faith can come back to life again. Within the novel Cry there is a moral, physical and agricultural decay within the entire country. A problem so

immense it is almost beyond the point of repair. But yet throughout the novel one man and what he respresents not only holds the society together but gives the society a brighter futrure to look at. Kumalo ia a man of religon. Even through the worst times his personal faith and hope for the country was greater then the problem at hand. This in turn gave others a hope in what the furture may hold for them. Kumalo, struggling to keep his family and community together demnostrates the power of religon as a glue for a broken society. 3c4