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The Bourne Identity Essay, Research Paper The Bourne Identity Reviewed By: Andrew Nguyen Directed By: Roger Young Producer: Fred Miller Casting By: Rose Tobias Shaw Cast: Richard Chamberlain Jaclyn Smith, Donald Moffert, Denham Elliot. Robert Ludlum was born in New York City, raised in Short Hills, New Jersey and educated in Connecticut. A former actor and theatrical producer, at forty he decided to change careers and try his hand at writing. The rest is history a reputation for immediate bestsellers, publication in over forty countries and thirty-two languages, and sales of 200 million copies worldwide. Robert Ludlum lives in Florida with his wife Mary, a former actress and his first critic. Ludlum has definitely lived up to his name as an excellent writer and he has shown

this with his new book The Bourne Identity. Robert Ludlum s The Bourne Identity is the first book of a three-part series. This novel, which is set in the cities of Zurich and Paris, is the story of a man who has lost his memory, and his search to find out who he is and what he has done. He starts with one clue: that someone wants him dead. The more he discovers, the more terrifying his conquest becomes. The plot is nothing more than a good guy versus bad guy battle. However, Ludlum s style of writing turns the action into a sense of realism for the reader. This book is beautifully written which puts the reader into each and every character s shoes. Each character is complex and credible. The book itself is full of action and the pace is furious. The Bourne Identity has drive and

excitement from first page to last. Perhaps the most impressive part of the novel are the action scenes. These scenes written so well are explosive and screaming with immense suspense, The Bourne Identity is a journey into the tortuous maze of hell itself. Robert Ludlum who was a former US Marine in the Second World War is definitely an ingenious storyteller. He has stuffed more surprises into his novels than any other six-pack of thriller writers combined. Robert Ludlum is the master of action. The Bourne Identity is a great read for any reader that looks for an action packed and adventurous book. Ludlum has delivered the goods. This book has done a great job of entertaining the reader 4 out of 5. Although Ludlum s novel is a major success, its screenplay is a major let down.

This movie could be summarised in one line: it s a dud. One of the many reasons to why this movie receives such an underlying statement is that it is way too long for a movie of its calibre. The film has too many boring and unnecessary scenes for a movie, including what seemed liked a twenty-minute love scene that completely slowed the movie down to the point of slumber. The direction by Benjamin A. Weissman and the choreography is shocking which makes the movie often predictable and somewhat suss. Some parts are overdone and ridiculous. The acting is much of the same story. Casting Director Rose Tobias Shaw has done a horrible job choosing actors that were not fit for the movie. Richard Chamberlain who takes on the role of Jason Bourne has played better roles in his long and

illustrious career. Jaclyn Smith who plays Marie St Jacques does a good job but is let down by the rest of the supporting cast. To be able to sit through this three-hour marathon was a miracle itself. The movie has made a mockery of such a successful book. The author of the novel, Ludlum, should be disappointed by this awful movie. Overall this film was a disaster compared with Ludlum s novel 1 out of 5. The success of this great book and quite probably a dud of a movie have led Hollywood to have a second go at the movie, this time the remake will star Brad Pitt although insiders have heard rumours that Matt Damon may take the lead role ahead of Pitt. The movie is due for release late 2001 in the United States. Let us hope that this time the producers have done something right