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stand off, or back?..I saw the Grenadier attempt to stick him with his bayonet. There was a bustle. The stout man had still hold of the bayonet. After the mulatto was killed I took him to be that man.”11 Andrew gets the point across that it was the soldiers that were to be at fault.In the end only two of the soldiers that were tried were committed. The two that were found guilt only received a slap on the wrist.12 The Boston Massacre was an unjust act in the eyes of the Colonists. They viewed this as one more atrocity that the ruthless British parliament passed off. This was one of the many things that made the Colonists look towards a revolution to make their lives better. The Americans were truly gaining a sense of national being and patriotism. This American Patriotism would

be considered one of the major advantages associated with the Americans in their win over the British in the American Revolution.