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(especially Dan, Isa, Mic & somePsalms) for his apocalyptic writing. We also saw this in Paul’s letters years before. Peopleregarded scripture as fact, therefore a perfect tool to give credit to Mark’s & Paul’s newwriting! Our own culture today is wrapped-up in tradition and Bible quotes as undisputable fact, even though people twist these things to promote their own interests! My own familyjustifies their hatred for gays by quoting the Bible; they justify a “Woman’s Place” by usingthe Bible; they justify their racism through the Bible (saying that “Love your Brother” couldonly possibly refer to people of your own color, because your brother could not possibly beof another color); they justify violent punishment for criminals by using the Bible; theychoose

their political party according to their actions being as conservative as the Bible. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish that my own community was not stillliving in the dark-ages. PART B THE PARABLE: THE UNFORGIVING SLAVE This parable reflects a part of our American Lifestyle that is very Un-Jesus! Ourculture, our government and our judiciary system thrives on punishment; at least we don’tstill have debtors’ prison! Contrary to Mark’s interpretation of this parable, I belive it represents a type ofperfect love for one’s neighbor that is reflected in Jesus’ Kingdom of God. Rather thanforcing a rule upon the reader, as Mark does, Jesus meant it to be a story where the listenermay choose an appropriate mode of behavior; for forgiveness cannot be

compromisedwithout undesirable consequences. Instead, Mark adds a Threat to the end of the parable (which is obviously NOT thewords of Jesus)! “That’s what your heavenly Father will do to you, unless you find it in your heartto forgive …” I find in many examples that Jesus wanted to have his followers think forthemselves, and make choices according to their own conscious; He only made sayings andparables to aid followers in finding the truth for themselves (much like Socrate’s tactic forthe finding of Truth or Justice). Mark, for his own reasons, felt that it was his duty to attach every saying of Jesuswith a command or threat … therefore making God seem vindictive!CONCLUSION: COMPARISON TO MY FIRST PAPER I remember that when I wrote my first paper, I made a point to

discuss quotes fromJesus that seemed foreign to my traditional feeling for Jesus. I wanted to see something inJesus that I never knew before! Well, I was surprised to find that these same quotes turned-up to be mostly Pink in the Five Gospels (some grey, but no black)! My first quote of Jesus was from Matthew 12:49-50; Jesus refers to the multitudes ashis mother and brothers. This turned-up pink in the Five Gospels. I thought that thisquote represented Jesus as a God on a equal level with his followers, creating a sense ofcommunity (I think that if Jesus were around today (and wasn’t in an asylum), he would be aCommunist). To me, this contradicts today’s church of authority, having Bishops, Deacons,etc. Next, I quoted a few of Jesus’ words to live by in chapters 6 and 7 of

Matthew. Most of these quotes turned up pink, however a few were mixed with grey, showing theadditions of Matthew’s redaction. I noted in my paper that I felt these rules were simple &logical ways to lead a happy and loving lifestyle, rather than hard rules that we are used to. The next two quotes I used (Matthew 12:13 – Jesus Breaking the Sabbath) (Mark15:1-15 – Jesus’ dealing with P. Pilate) were grey and black in the Five Gospels. Theinteresting point to this is that these are the two quotes in which I criticized Jesus’ actions. Imade points that I thought Jesus was a hypocrite in preaching to keep Jewish Law, and atthe same time, break the Sabbath! I also seriously questioned Matthew’s interpretation thatP. Pilate tried to save Jesus, knowing that Pilate was

not a friend to the Jews! It is refreshingto me to find these quotes in grey & black, because they were very confusing to me informing an opinion about Jesus. I have enjoyed this assignment because I really feel like I am getting to understandthe Historical New Testament! I tested my knowledge of Jesus by reading his quotes frommy New King James Version Bible, and tried to spot additions that were not Jesus’, and byguessing the color of some of his quotes. In checking back with The Five Gospels, I foundmyself to be pretty darn accurate! Amazing!——————————————————————————–