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make more ugly. Be better off in the ground. (pg.189-90) Pecola continues to stay as the focus of the story but plays more a character that makes the town feel better about themselves by looking down upon Pecola. Regardless the negative or positive light Pecola is seen in, she is the main character to whom the story belongs. Even though Pecola had no narrative role in the story, she still was the main character. The author s use of narrative structure that confuses the reader of who the main character was purposely done so to effectively portray Pecola as a character that no one actually knows personally yet can easily hate or love. Pecola s experiences would have less meaning coming from Pecola herself because a total and complete victim as herself would be an unreliable

narrator to relate the actual circumstances of the story. The author also makes it difficult to determine whom the main character is in order to keep the reader as an observer and to draw more emotion for Pecola because consistently throughout the book the reader pities the innocence of Pecola. 328