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that a pass to their west could allow the Northerners through the pass and outflank their army. Corlath will not acknowledge this and Harry leaves the camp, intending to block the pass herself. On her way, she runs into two friends from her camp who have been following her. They decide to go to the Homelander station to seek help from her old friends. In the end of a few days of recruiting, their force contains a few dozes cavalrymen, some archers from outlanding Damarian villages, and fifty men from a Damarian lord. When they fortify the pass, they hope to only face only a small fraction of the Northern force. They ended up facing a force of thousands with barely one hundred warriors. Worst of all, the Northern forces were lead by Thurra, a demonic king. In the first melee, the

Damarians push back the Northerners into the valley behind the pass but are surrounded, when they come out, they find half of there number missing. Harry is also wounded in a battle with Thurra. After a brief rest the Northerners return, this time hoping to slaughter all of the Damarian forces. Harry climbes a mountain and her kelar forces the mountains to crumble down upon the Northern army. This kills all of their soldiers including Thurra. Harry moves on to marry Corlath and have several kids with him. Jack Dedham moves to the Damarian city and lives there as a queen’s rider for the rest of his life. Damar opens diplomatic relations with the Homelander empire and the two become great friends.