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was very angry with Blackrobe, you could see it in his face. Daniel followed us to the trail of the high ground. We were going to our winter home to hunt moose for food and clothing and shelter. Another reason no one trusts Blackrobe is because he took our words and put them on this paper. No one could understand what it was. But then again, nothing he did made any sense to my father. I think what made him mad was when Blackrobe demanded paddlers for the rest of his trip. We traveled 1500 miles, paddling 12 hours a day. This was enough. But my father made a promise so back we went. We had to pick up Blackrobe before the Indians killed him. Little did we know we were headed into danger and death ourselves. We left the high ground with my brother, myself, my mother and father along

with a few of our men to get Blackrobe. The winter hunting ground will have to wait. We were ambushed by a tribe of Hurons. There was no escape. I was frozen in time when I saw my mother killed where she stood. The arrow went straight through her neck. All I could do was grab my brother and lie over him to protect him. My father took an arrow in his side as he put himself over both of us. I watched Blackrobe take my mother’s spirit. I also saw Daniel shoot the gun and kill 2 Huron Indians, but we were still captured. They tied us up and made us walk to their village where we were thrown down a gauntlet and beaten. All I could think about was my father now and my brother. I held him close to me as I watched my father, Blackrobe and Daniel be stripped of their clothes as they

stand there in front of all the people. Then Blackrobe was taken and a Huron cut off part of his finger with a seashell. “Please don’t hurt my father or Daniel”, I prayed to my Gods. Then my father began to chant and Blackrobe and Daniel began to sing. Just as I thought it was over they grabbed my brother from my arms and in front of us all grabbed his hair and cut his head off. It all happened so fast. I will never forget his face. It is forever etched into my heart. We were tied up and taken to a place to sleep. A guard watched over us. I knew as my father did that we were going to die if we didn’t get out of there. I didn’t want my father to die in this place. They would do something horrible to him. They said they would peel off his skin while he was alive and make

him scream. I could not watch this. It was certain that we would all die so as they slept I took the chance and crawled to the guard. He took my advances and untied me. I had to give myself to him to save us all. It was hard thing for me, but nothing compares to death. I saw a large stick and hit him as hard as I could. He passed out and we were able to escape. I did not want to take Blackrobe. I wanted him to stay behind because he is the cause of all of this. But my father said no. My father was dying and the arrow was still piercing his side. If we took it out it would have killed him. We traveled along the edge of the river for 2 days when we put ourselves to land. Then there it was. My father’s vision His dream He knew that he had reached the place that he would die. We

walked with him. As I lay him down he was saddened. He felt he had not been brave in his life. He felt that if he had only known that this was the day of his death, he would have been much braver. He felt he had been as greedy as the white man, but he was not. He was very brave and he made us all proud. “I do not wish to dream, father.” “Without dreams – how do you see the way ahead? You must dream, my daughter! This world is a cruel place but it is the sunlight!” “Go, my daughter. The She-Manitou is waiting for you! Before you go – in my dream – the Blackrobe walks alone.” We left my father to die in peace. Blackrobe walked toward my father but I did not trust him! “Leave my father to die in peace! Don’t touch him, don’t take his spirit! We must go

now.” We canoed for days back to land in the direction of the Huron Village. I told Blackrobe what direction it was to the Hurons. Daniel didn’t want to leave him. I told him, “A dream is real, it must be obeyed. He must go alone.” Blackrobe told him we had lost everything because of them and Daniel must go with me. Blackrobe made a curious comment as we walked away. He said, “If dreams are the real world – this one is an illusion. No names – be silent. The dead talk at night. God bless you both”, and he left. We never saw him again. I heard tell that when he did arrive at the Huron Village that the Indians had killed one of the blackrobes and the other died soon after Blackrobe arrived. The death that was brought by the blackrobes was feared to be a sign from